People are becoming more health conscious, and this is creating a heightened interest in herbs and aromas. More and more people are making herbs and aromas part of their diets and lives.

This growing demand is driving an increase in the number of herbal & aromatherapy product suppliers, but it's also making it difficult for specialist stores to decide where to source their products.

That's where HerbaromaTrade comes in. HerbaromaTrade is the industry's first B2B marketplace dedicated to herbal & aromatherapy products.

Suppliers can use HerbaromaTrade to show what kinds of products they manufacture and sell, showcasing them to buyers.

Buyers around the world can see a wide range of products and send messages to the Suppliers of products that interest them, opening lines of communication.

Paid memberships make HerbaromaTrade even more convenient. For Suppliers, they increase the number of products that can be listed from 10 to 100. For buyers, they provide access to a Favorites function that displays personally tailored product recommendations and lets buyers save the products they are interested in for later.

Through its global matching, specializing in herbal & aromatherapy products, HerbaromaTrade provides Suppliers with greater global business opportunities and contributes to buyer brand diversification.

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